My Top Five Female Rock/Alternative Artists


I have to say that the majority of the music I listen to is entirely male dominated (and therefore generally the music I blog about will revolve around them!) That said, I have a few favourite female lead singers that are so noteworthy that I want to dedicate an entire post to them. Moreover, the fact that there are so few female lead singers in comparison to their male counterparts (in the genre of rock and metal specifically) means that these women stand out even more in my mind as being brilliant at what they do. So, here goes:

Number Five: Halestorm – I Miss The Misery

Halestorm are an American band (from Pennsylvania I believe, but don’t quote me on that) fronted by Lizzy Hale. An early Halestorm started performing before they’d even hit their teens (as the band’s drummer is her brother, Are-Jay Hale). I love their music for two reasons: firstly, I absolutely adore Ms Hale’s voice. She’s capable of a sincere alto (which is incredibly rare in ‘popular’ female music) and her range is second to none. Furthermore, their lyrics are hilarious. They’re as cheesy as something you would hear in a club- except with a brilliant, heavy rhythm and original guitar riffs. For these reasons, Halestorm place an impressive number five on my list. The reason they aren’t higher up (making me a slight hypocrite for the compliment I just paid them) is because their lyrics are at times annoying. I imagine myself singing along in the shower (as I want to, again, catchy songs) and pausing to reflect on how phrases such as ‘they can’t tame us, so if you’re one of us, get on the bus…’ (Freak like me) might sound to anyone listening in. Stupid is the sentiment that springs to mind.

Lyrics: *** 2/5
Voice: **** 4/5
Overall enjoyment  of the music: ***** 5/5

Number Four: Flyleaf – Fully Alive

I love Flyleaf so much! These guys are an alternative Christian hard-rock band, and their lyrics are phenomenal. I don’t think there is a scenario I can’t daydream into whilst listening to them. Plus, as a Christian, it’s quite hard to find a huge amount of Christian rock music that I genuinely appreciate. I’ve picked Fully Alive to show here, but I could have picked any number of their releases, from I’m so sick to all around me to breathe today and so many more. The reason they don’t place higher on this list is because, at times (and I apologise in advance to any die hard flyleaf fans) I find the tone of Lacey Sturm’s voice a teeny tiny bit whiney. It warbles a little and it is all too reminiscent of bygone church music that dimmed the soul and mind simultaneously in repetitive catholic masses. This is really only a very tiny criticism- I love them to pieces and you should all start listening to them if you don’t already!

Lyrics: ***** 5/5
Voice: *** 3/5
Overall enjoyment  of the music: **** 4/5

Number Three: Building 429/Firelight – Right Beside You

Okay so I picked a duet which directly contradicts the title…but doesn’t this song just make you want to whip out a lighter (even if you don’t smoke…pro lung capacity and all that) and hug someone you love? Dawn Michele has a beautiful voice and even in this duet I think it only seeks to highlight how brilliant her singing is. These guys are placing number three as a result of the hairs that stand on end on my neck when I play them. They are another American Christian rock band (heh, I promise there’s not a theme here or anything) and whilst their music is less obviously spiritual than flyleaf, I find their more subtle approach to philosophical themes in a way even more successful (as it allows the listener more power over where the song takes them).

Lyrics: *** 3/5
Voice: ***** 5/5
Overall enjoyment  of the music: ***** 5/5

Number Two: Paramore – Brick By Boring Brick

I’m going to go against the grain here- instead of complaining about how ‘crap’ Paramore are, and how much they sold out to be played in Twilight, I’m going to praise them. Their lyrics are genius, Haley Williams has an excellent, strong voice with a superb range and their songs are different and original. Yet another American rock band (come on England, start pulling your weight here) these guys are possibly the most ‘commercial’ band on this list (that’s quite a mean word for successful I’m told). Brand new eyes (their third album) went platinum in the UK and Ireland, and gold in several other countries. Safe to say then that these guys have sufficiently made it! Their music never fails to cheer me up or give me an outlet when I’m feeling particularly ‘grr-I-want-to-shout-at-whoever-for-being-unreasonable.’ and I’ve chosen Brick by boring brick because I think it most emphasises all of the positive points I’ve just mentioned. The sole reason they don’t place first in this list, is because the next band are just so good they could not go anywhere else.

Lyrics: ***** 5/5
Voice: ***** 5/5
Overall enjoyment  of the music: ***** 5/5

Number One: Evanescence – Bring me to life

Amy Lee, I salute you. I have been listening to ‘Wake me up inside’ for years and years, over and over and over again, and it never loses its effect. I never stop wanting to be the one mouthing those words (whilst embarrassingly jumping around my room not realising my mum is watching and giggling behind a semi-closed bedroom door). Seriously, just listen to this song! How amazing is her voice? Her lyrics and sound make me sad and happy and animated and like there’s something worth caring about all in one confusing, amazing swoop. I don’t understand how she does it, but whatever she does, she does it so, so well. The band was formed in America at a youth camp (of all terrible places) and, somehow, Evanescence was formed out of the hell that is the forced stranger socialization of summer camps. They place first simply because I cannot find fault with them. There is nothing I would (or could, realistically, but that’s beside the point) change about any aspect of their music.

Lyrics: ***** 5/5
Voice: ***** 5/5
Overall enjoyment  of the music: ***** ***** 10/5 (I know this doesn’t make sense, but it’s true)

Feel free to add any comments, agreements or disagreements below!


4 thoughts on “My Top Five Female Rock/Alternative Artists

  1. I can’t argue you choices, but the you’ve been calling the Evanescence hit by the wrong name for years. It’s called Bring Me To Life;P

    I liked the inclusion of Halestorm, I feel like they get passed over too much.

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