Alex Leadbeater: Film Administrator 

I’m a big film fan who loves forcing his opinion on others. Writing is a legitimate way to do that, so here we are. I already write over at WhatCulture and am Film & TV editor for Palatiante, Durham’s Student Paper, but fancied having my own blog for more varied thoughts. Viewer’s Digest is a chance for me to air my real loves and hates of cinema (I loathe people making any noise in the cinema) and justify my ever growing DVD collection. I also seem unable to embelish myself as well as Becka.

Rebecca Foy: Music Administrator

Hello there. I decided to co-create this blog with Alex as I have always been passionate about music in one form or another and wanted to find yet another outlet. This began as taking advanced grades in classical guitar and music theory and singing in the Liverpool Philharmonic Choir, and progressed to interviewing bands such as Skinny Lister, co-hosting a rock and metal radio show at University and refusing to walk anywhere at all whatsoever unless I have a pair of non-broken headphones with me!

One of my favourite aspects of films has always been the music that helps create emotive scenes, more details of which can be found under the page ‘Music In Film’. Similarly, my love of music in a broader sense is discussed further under Music’. These are the two areas of interest that I will be blogging about on Viewer’s Digest. Hopefully you will enjoy reading this website as much as we do writing it, and please do feel free to share your opinions on anything we write or say (video blogs coming soon!) I also seem unable to include so many other websites as well as Alex.


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