Why does this Music section exist? Sometimes there are just too many words to adequately describe why you love something. The first band I ever really liked was Green Day (I’m omitting a shameful childhood dabble with the Spice Girls there). It sounds ridiculous, but I had never really heard music before. I don’t mean in some woolly philosophical sense. I mean genuinely I can’t remember ever hearing a full song of a current band all the way through before that time. I suppose it was life changing, because I haven’t been the same way since. I went from Greenday with their power chords and punk rock, to Evanescence, to Muse, to Guns ‘n’ Roses, to Nirvana, to Metallica, to the Stone Roses, to Bayside, to Funeral for a Friend, to Oasis, to Skillet and to an inordinate more that would be inefficient to list.

In my teens, predictably it colored my dress sense, my hair style, my friends and the places I went. As an (almost) adult now aged twenty, my dress sense has evolved, my hair has become a thousand times more natural, my friends are (thankfully) the same and the places I go thankfully are not. But my love of music, reading about it, hearing it, studying it, and playing it, has if anything grown into an (I’m hesitant to use the word obsession, but here it is: obsession). This section of the blog will be devoted to new releases in music, my favorite albums of all time, why certain kinds of music are important to me and (potentially, if anyone ever reads this) doing reviews on request. If anyone would like to listen to me talk about music as opposed to reading my articles of watching my videos, I can generally be found ranting about music on my radio show at Purple Radio.

As always, feel free to comment or pass judgement on my simply appalling music tastes whenever you feel it necessary.


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